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Our Investing Mission Statement

Beating the S&P 500 every year
Using backtested strategies with the highest percentage odds of success
With the smallest number and size of realized losses as possible.
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Financial talking heads will tell you it is not possible for nonprofessional investors to beat the market so you should let them manage your portfolio. Subsequently, some investors will never try and instead let professionals manage their money while others will turn to investment clubs and services to learn how to trade for monthly fees which usually entails absorbing a fire hose of content in hopes to achieve every investors goal: beating the S&P 500 on average every year.

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Most of these investors fail because investing can be difficult, unpredictable and stressful, even with the help of experts. Also, it's challenging to mirror experts performance as it requires not only executing the plan they teach, but also emotionally navigating a trade when it goes sideways or against you.

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Backtest Invest was inspired from this experience of services underperforming and underdelivering, and a more robotic, predictable edge was born. We believe that the right kind of education and information can change your investing style and equip you with adequate skills and information to invest with the appropriate understanding - in an informed manner rather than just attempting to mirror leading managers’ performance.

Our Story

​Our focus is on investor education for portfolio performance, ease of trading and transparency. We have a combined 20 years of market experience trading equities, ETFs, Leveraged ETFs, and options. Unsatisfied with average investor performance, we committed the last four years to finding a subscription service to grow our portfolios quicker. However, one disappointing experience after another ultimately led us to analyzing or subscribing to over 50 different services. These groups ranged in yearly fees of $200 to $10,000+ and included discord groups (both live trade and simple alerts) to investment clubs and other newsletters.




During these years we evaluated historical trade records, participated in their posted trades, read their club’s content, and developed jaded opinions of investment clubs.  Ultimately, we feel it is because humans are subject to error in the market far more than computers—if using the right conditions—as well as their accounting methods.  Thus, we set out to rely on computers (robots) to improve our performance and documentation and created our private investment journal as part of this newsletter.


In our experience, complex algorithms with a high historical success still generates better returns each year than any subscription service we’ve analyzed or been a part of the past four years. The over 130 unique strategies we've developed utilize combinations of different conditions (like moving averages, heikin ashi candles, market conditions, stochastics, bollinger bands to name a few) to identify when to enter or end a trade.

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