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Using past 10 years data with Conservative Plan


Best stock market advisor by Backtest Invest

Research shows that individual investors collectively underperform the market because their decisions are often driven by emotions.
We are best advisor for the share market

Invest like a robot . . .
Take human emotion out of your investing.

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We Set Out To

Beat the S&P 500 every year using calculated risk management: filtered strategies with the highest percentage odds of success, smallest losing percentage & smallest realized loss.

Backtest Invest Newsletter was inspired from our 10+ years of stock investment experience and 4-year experience with investment clubs and services underperforming and under-delivering, with most yields averaging or underperforming the S&P 500.

Cut to the chase - how do we perform? Newsletter Performance Statistics.

Our newsletter has taken

3166 trades in 10 years with . . .

110 losses that averaged 5.5%*  

3056 winners that averaged 13%*

* Using Aggressive Portfolio data from 2014-2023


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If Backtest Invest is so successful, why aren't we on a beach instead?


Care a lot about risk analysis? We do.  Risk Management.

Newsletter Investment Statistics

Gains & Losses 

Newsletter Group's Investment Classes

Newsletter Portfolio Diversity

We've Been Where You Are

We've started from scratch, searched online and through books for advice to point us in the right direction for best stock market investment.

We've navigated the market ourselves for years and then looked for other resources to try to improve our performance.
We've paid to try to learn from different investment clubs, investment guru books, and even live trading clubs, but not been satisfied in how that translated into our personal performance.
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How much time do I have to put in to see performance results?  Membership.

Join a new generation of investors

We believe in educating investors in the investments they find interest in. Accordingly, our blogs will contain write-ups and information of interest to the relevant categories of subscription for best stock market investment.


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